“Close Enough” by Bo Baskoro

Indie singer/songwriter Bo Baskoro opens up his heart and soul with the pop gem that is his latest single, “Close Enough”. With a perfectly balanced set of sounds and visuals, he invites us into a world that is so refreshing and so honest. He explores his own mistakes within life and love and accepts his own wrongdoings in a way that is rarely heard amongst people yet so welcomed when it’s done. Thanks to this honest and real approach we can connect with the track on a deeper level than most allowing the soundscape to not only be part of the speakers and the screen but actually be part of us. So listen closely for there’s a story waiting to be told within this amazing soundscape. Enjoy!

“A lot of times I write about how somebody hurt me or did me wrong. This song is me taking responsibility for the mistakes Iʼve made that separated me from someone I loved and the hurt I never wanted to cause.” – Bo Baskoro

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