“…Tell me your worst fears, how deep are there

Should I save you then?

Anytime I’m sick, I die, I think

Would you save now?…”

“Your Name” by Alison Darwin

From Spain come the uber-talented indie rockers Alison Darwin with the rebellious and charming melodic gem that is “Your Name”.  With an imposing and fiery voice perfectly housed by electrifying instruments coming together to craft a soundscape that balances between the surreal and the down to earth. The track flows with ease inviting music lovers to explore the realm in which it resides to speak words that are sure to hit home one way or another. The guys manage to balance each other out in perfect fashion given the rock genre a much need breath of fresh air that balances the old school tones with the contemporary flow of the genre. So listen careful and dive into the magic of their sound. Enjoy!

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