“…Everything has changed
I like it this way
Everything has changed
I’d like for it to stay
If you could only see me now
If you could only figure me out
If you could only feel the way I feel
Let’s hope it stays around a little longer than before…”

“Everything has changed” by Best Coast

Indie rock band Best Coast come to Wolf in a Suit with a mesmerizing and melodically intoxicating live take on their gem, “Everything has changed”. With a guitar, a base and that powerful yet soothing voice they give life to a soundscape bound to caress our senses as it speaks to our souls. The track is exquisite in every way for it plays with our imagination and tells us a story that could easily be ours as well. They understand the human experience in a way that is so unique and personal while maintaining a certain universal touch that is inviting to all music lovers. The song is sure to come as a surprise to those who do not know the band, but it will surely turn them into fans of a brilliant and mesmerizing ensemble. So dive into this realm crafted by their passion and talent and enjoy every minute of it.

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