“…You know that I got regrets
But I burn those shits like cigarettes
Because something’s out of place
Something’s out of place
I wish we could just reset
Can we pick up back to where we left?
Can we put the pieces back together, now?…”

“Back in the summer” by Max Frost

Indie singer/songwriter/musical force of nature Max Frost comes to us with the visual and sonic experience that is “Back in the summer”. With this refreshing and playful soundscape he remembers the good old days of a summer that is now gone and full of many good things that he just wished could have remained. The track embraces the reality of things in life as we find regret easy to embrace and let memories of beautiful moments that have passed take over. We can open up our eyes and clean our ears to enjoy a ride that is not only magical but so perfectly imperfect and human. Enjoy!

“The video for ‘Back In The Summer’ was far and away the most seamless video I’ve ever been a part of. It was the first time I received a first treatment and instantly thought: that’s the one. I shot it in Melbourne, Australia right after my tour with Bastille with a really cool director named Josh Harris. He and the crew put a lot of love into it.” – Max Frost

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