“…You show up at my front door
Your eyes look like they knew me
Feels like we’ve been here before
I don’t know how you do it
All my armor on the floor
I’m not afraid of losing
But I’m losing it…”

“Collide” by SUMif

Indie singer/songwriter and uber-talented musical goddess SUMif opes up her heart and soul and takes us for a ride with “Collide”. With this powerful and refreshing must listen gem she gives us a chance to take a peak inside her life and get to know the person behind the artist a little better. The track is so amazing and so intoxicating that your senses are sure to find themselves instantly connecting with the melodies and lyrics as they come together. There’s a certain refreshing blend of passion and fragility that makes the soundscape so mesmerizing as it speaks to the most human part of our souls. She delivers a truly complete and raw showcase of feelings and emotions that make this music video a must for any music lover as she gives pop a more honest path to follow. So listen, see and embrace the beauty that is found in this track. Enjoy!

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