“A trophy, a showpiece 

But you show me like a collection piece

Make up stories for your poor self esteem

And all your galleries, live streams of me…”

“Museum” by Ariane

French-American indie singer/songwriter Ariane comes to us with the fantastic visuals for her musical gem “Museum”. With a exquisite and powerful blend of melodies and lyrics she adds to the experience with the passionate and refreshing visuals. The music video makes the experience whole and really manages to send the message in a way that it is sure to hit a few nerves, as it definitely should. The track is one of the best and helps for the world to not only hear something powerful but the hear it from a voice bound for greatness. Dive into her world and learn something or if you are on the affected side, know that you are not alone in your battle. Let’s embrace the sweet vibrant magic of this soundscape and enjoy the ride!

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