“…There was a girl named Sara,
Made my heart feel full,
And I really want to tell her,
But her fella wasn’t keen on me asking for her number,
Now i’m running for my goddamn life…”

“Breaking up with dreams” by Jake Knox

Indie singer/songwriter Jake Knox comes to Wolf in a Suit with the playfully catchy soundscape of “Breaking up with dreams”. Within this track he blends melodies and lyrics to tells various stories of how his heart has fallen in love and continues to be hopeful no matter how many times he falls. The track is fun and quite enjoyable as it takes shape and form giving us a chance to feel inspired and feel a unique touch as the song unfolds. There’s something about the way the sonic approach connects with the visuals that makes it easy to connect with as the music video serves us with a fantastic one of a kind pop experience. Enjoy!

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