“Soldier On” by DI-RECT

From the Netherlands come the uber-talented indie band DI-RECT with their honest and insightful musical gem that is “Soldier On”. With this track they aim to inspire and motive all who listen to push forward and aim to reach all that we dream off for it’s waiting for us. They also understand that at times there are many ups and downs along the way and they remind us that these moments are there to give us experience and to let us know the difference between the good and the band. The track is a beautiful sonic experience that is only improved on by the visuals providing our senses with a fine-tuned soundscape bound to take a hold of our hearts and souls. The experience is one of a kind and most welcomed for it is charming, subtle yet powerful and raw. It makes for a perfect chance to simply dive into a world that is sure to connect with us for it speaks a language that we know yet at times forget. Enjoy!

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