“Givin it up” by Kasador

Canadian indie pop band Kasador come to us with the sonic and cinematic experience that is “Givin it up”. With this intoxicating and playful soundscape they blend melodies and lyrics to paint a picture that while charming is so human as well. The track is pop perfection for the modern masses as it is catchy and so fun for not only our senses, but our imaginations as well. There’s something about it that just knows how to get you hooked and pulled into a magical world that you are sure to connect in one way or another. Personally, the guys have crafted and modern day hit that shines through within the indie pop genre. Enjoy!

“…Yeah, age increasing
But I’m a baby when you call
But I’ll be a grownup in the fall
My sleeping conscience
Is spinning in the sheets
Dreaming incomplete
Still my patience is fleeting…”

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