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Track List of Indie Music Mixtape 32

1) “You/Me” by Kelsey Colbert: Uber talented singer/songwriter Kelsey Colbert opens up her heart and soul to share this electric gem. With it she explores the good and the bad in a past relationship and learns to value to herself more than someone else. She gains power and lights her own fire as she get to know herself better.

2) “Heartbreak Away” by Loud Forest: Indie husband and wife duo Loud Forest explore the beauty and fragile nature of people with this soothing and honest gem. The track understands that we are fragile and at times break easily but there’s something about it that is beautiful and so endearing as it invites us to share a bit of us.

3) “You don’t have to be alone” by Friends at the Falls: Indie pop band Friends at the Falls take melodies and lyrics to tell a story of youth and of life. The soundscape flows with ease and manages to grasp a unique dose of magic to make it stand out above the rest. The track is playful yet so raw and down to earth as it tells a story we can connect with.

4) “Fallout” by UNSECRET x Neoni: Two talented up and coming supernovas of talent come together with UNSECRET and Neoni crafting this soundscape. The track is intoxicating and refreshingly inviting as it gives pop a certain grandiose feel that is much welcomed. The vocals and the melodies come together beautiful and give us a much needed dose of pop.

5) “Die Young” by Sarah Skinner x Ethan Patrick x TyC: This song is a joy for any music lover as it unites the musical prowess of three different artists giving something one of a kind. The soundscape dances from pop to doses of hip hip and rock in a way that just keeps you on your toes wanting more and more. Plus they give each other room to shine and really showcase what they can bring to the current music scene.

6) “Rest Easy” by Benjamin Carter: Caymenian-American indie singer/songwriter with a lot to say and a lot to share. His music speaks from the heart and gives a chance to not only meet the artist that is Benjamin Carter, but the person as well. His soundscape is so refreshingly human yet manages to perfectly stay true to the unique magic that should always be found in music.

7) “Shaky” by Lately. : Sweet and intoxicating blend of old school and new school delivered through haunting harmonies. The soundscape comes to our lives  with a subtle yet memorable touch that simply turns into fans of this great up and coming band. For a debut single, the track has more than enough to make their name known through the indie scene.

8) “Shooting Star” by The Como Brothers: Talented indie act The Como Brothers put rock and pop together to give us this one of a kind sonic experience. The guys stay in touch with their romantic side but give it a certain rebellious and passionate touch that is much welcomed. This is a soundscape bound to get you hoked as it invites you to sing along.

9) “Fools Gold” by Stafford Brothers x Loca x Dani Poppitt: Amazing and fun collaboration from three talented acts that bring something new to the pop music scene. They balance each other out quite nicely as the serve us with a soundscape bound for greatness. The track is an instant dive into a world were we can be free and have fun.

10) “Aliens” by The Griswolds x Transviolet: Two of the most amazing indie pop/rock acts come together to play our senses and feed our souls. The soundscape they have crafted together is so charming and hypnotizing that you can’t help but fall for it as your finger quickly plays it over and over again. The lyrics and melodies play with our senses and feed our imagination with something intoxicating.

11) “As you healed/The Guide” by Vian Izak x Dan Russo: This two uber talented indie singer/songwriter partner up to deliver a story of the fragile yet strong nature of humanity. The verses flow one after the other telling a story that is so personal yet so universal as it showcases the human experience in a way that is intoxicating. The soft yet inspiring touch of the soundscape allows us to get hooked by it in an instant.

12) “Honey” by The Motel Brothers x Katie Buxton: Two talented acts come together to serve us with a soundscape that is sure to embrace our imaginations. The track is so charming and so vivid that one can’t help but feel everything that transpires as the verses and melodies become one. The track is pure beauty and modern day romanticism with a fine dose of old school magic.