“…Said that we’d just get a drink
Catch up on a couple things
But then when I saw you
It’s right back to I want you…”

“I just fell in love with my Ex” by Aaron Taos

Indie singer/songwriter Aaron Taos is a known favorite of the Wolf in a Suit and his gem, “I just fell in love with my ex”, is sure to turn to you into a fan as well. He always delivers and this time around it is no exception for his latest soundscape is catchy, fun and above all, full of honesty. He has managed to make reality and raw emotions a must when you expect music from him and he always knows the right way to make it connect. The track speaks of bumping into someone that had been part of your past, an ex, that once you see that person you immediately remember all the good things, but seem to omit the reason/s why it all ended. He knows that we have all either fallen back or came close to diving right in thanks to the fantasies that at times our brains create. There’s no denying, this is a must listen gem that is sure to become an instant fan favorite. Enjoy!

“You know when you run into your ex and suddenly you would do anything to get them back? Yep, this is the song for that.” – Aaron Taos


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