“…I know you always wanted me to write a song about you
But I got nothing left to say or sing about you
You blame me for all your problems
You took all the fun of 17
Instead of loving me, you just wanted a song about you
Well here’s your song…”

“Here’s your song” by Chloe Lilac

Indie singer/songwriter Chloe Lilac comes to Wolf in a Suit with the mesmerizing and powerful musical creation that is “Here’s your song”. With this track she remembers a situation from her youth in which sadly she felt used by a friend and this left a scar that is hard to heal. Her soundscape is filled with intoxicating and charming melodies while housing lyrics that are so raw and so real that you feel everything through every pore and every vein in your body. There’s something about this track that just speaks to your heart and soul in a way that is direct and filled with the good and the bad of humanity. Dive into this sonic and visual contemporary masterpiece and enjoy the ride that awaits.

“This video was a passion project for everyone on my team and was the most I’ve been involved in writing the treatment and creating the video. We used a sex doll to symbolize only being viewed for my sexuality rather than my character as a woman. In the beginning of the video it’s just me, symbolizing how alone and uncomfortable I felt, and by the end I’m with all my friends who supported and uplifted me.” – Chloe Lilac

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