“Good in goodbye” by Madison Beer

Amazingly talented indie singer/songwriter Madison Beer comes to us with the pop perfect gem that is “Good in goodbye”. With this intoxicating and mesmerizing soundscape she escape the toxicity of a relationship and finds the one that dwells in all of us when we struggle between what we did right and what we did wrong. The track is so human and real that you are sure to find a connection with it as it provides us with a reflection of who we all are at one point in time. Madison has crafted a much needed and exciting blend of melodies and verses that paint a picture that is raw and in your face while still staying true to the unique magic that is found within pop. Enjoy!

“It feels so good to be releasing the first single from my debut album! Touching on a theme that resonates throughout the album, ‘Good In Goodbye,’ is predominately a break up song. It’s about how cutting ties with a toxic person, no matter how tough it can feel at the time, is sometimes the only way forward and you should always find the ‘good’ in ‘goodbye’. It also touches on the duality of condemnation and self-reflection you often go through at the end of a relationship – a concept which is brought to life in the video where I delve deep into my inner demons, playing myself and my evil twin.” – Madison Beer

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