“Revitalise” by Creegan

UK based indie rock band Creegan comes to us with the cinematic and haunting experience of the music gem that is “Revitalise”. With this electric and inviting soundscape they provide us a much needed release from the norms of the everyday routine. The track shines through with unique melodic and lyrical touches that add something new to the rock scene. The guys have crafted a track that has the capacity of not only making their name shine bright but turn people into fans. So dive into the passionate realm of “Revitalise” and embrace the unique magic that makes it up. Enjoy!

“’Revitalise’ highlights the battle you have with your own mind; how the devil on the shoulder fights against you and how you can fight back at it, We wanted to put an energetic spin on an otherwise melancholic topic, with the intricate drum groove locking in with the floating guitar line in the verse creating a sense of tension, rising to a vocal apex in the chorus that ends in a spacey release. The dynamics of the song matches the dynamic of one who is in a constant tug-of-war with their own mental health.” – Connor Pattison of Creegan

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