“Most of us are strangers” by Seafret

UK based indie folk-pop duo Seafret kick off the year with the mesmerizing and honest musical creation that is “Most of us are strangers”. With this track, they paint a picture that is so vivid, so real and so human that it is sure to instantly find a connection with it. The soundscape is haunting and as it takes shape and form it speaks clearer and clearer with our hearts and souls letting us know that we are all understood. It reminds us that we are in the same boat as we all share space within this big blue world and we are invited to understand others for at times they have more going on than what the eyes can see. The guys have crafted something so special that it is sure to become a fan favorite and quite honestly, it is already one of the best of the year. So listen and see carefully and dive into this sweet blend of melodies and visuals. Enjoy!

“’Most Of Us Are Strangers’, is based around hiding emotions or troubles to save inflicting the worry on others. We go about our daily lives interacting with the same friends, colleagues and loved ones, but most of time the appearance that we give is not a true reflection of how we may be feeling on the inside.

If we were to share our true feelings, our triumphs, battles and our defeats there’s a big chance people’s opinions of us would completely change, thus making most of us strangers. We tend to hold things back because people are all too quick to judge.” – Seafret

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