“Turn back now” by Neon Dreams

Canadian indie band Neon Dreams comes to us with a track that is sure to inspire and capture your attention with “Turn back now”. With this exquisite soundscape the talented pair blend melodies and lyrics and borrow inspiration from a dark moment in life to deliver something so refreshing and inviting that it instantly fills you with hope. The verses flow with ease and much-welcomed naturality allowing us to find an instant connection with what lies inside it. The guys have done it once more and this must listen gem is a perfect addition to their ever-growing body of work, arriving as a sure fan favorite. So dive into this world they have crafted and enjoy the magic and the adventure that “Turn back now” has to offer.

“Last year I witnessed my mother go through Chemotherapy and beat cancer. I was amazed at how positive she remained through the entire process. It made me realize the power of positive thinking. I wanted to create a song that would help inspire others facing struggle.” – Frank Cadillac of Neon Dreams

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