“To Pretend” by Ro

Australian indie singer/songwriter Ro comes to Wolf in a Suit with the hypnotizing and refreshing human soundscape of “To Pretend”. With this track, she provides us with verses that understand the reality of being human and how much beauty can be found when we open up our hearts and souls and embrace our most vulnerable sides. The soundscape is truly stunning and there’s something about the visuals that make the entirety of this experience come together so perfectly as it pulls us in within a second of its beginning. The lush and vivid lyricism is showcased perfectly by her unique and haunting voice that has everything to hook us in and speak to us as we let go of all the rules of society that keep us locked and closed up. There’s no denying that “To Pretend” is a must listen track that you are sure to want to share to all who want great music. So listen, see and enjoy the ride and the sweet magic that awaits for us all within this soundscape provided by Ro.

“We had so much fun filming this. There’s something so visceral about dancing around on a pier in the rain. My hoodie was sopping wet, my bare legs shivering in the cold, my make-up washed away.

I felt stripped of everything material and mental. I felt reset. To Pretend is about being open and vulnerable, not performing to unrealistic standards. So it was the perfect spot to shoot the music video in.

I used to be scared to open myself up, and be honest about what I wanted, what I needed. I longed for the uncomplicated intimacy that comes with healthy relationships. To achieve that, I realised that I didn’t have to pretend to be somebody I’m not. I only had to be myself.

The music video really embodies this grounded, joyful feeling of self discovery. I’m not even embarrassed of my dorky dance moves. I hope you enjoy x ” – Ro

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