“Smile for the Camera” by UPSAHL

Indie singer/songwriter/musical goddess UPSAHL comes to us with the rebellious and in your face musical gem that is “Smile for the camera”. With this raw and powerful soundscape she embodies a voice of a generation and comes at us with a passion that is intoxicating and quite electric. Her voice flows with such naturality embracing pop and along grabbing a bit of that fire and rebel yell that is part of rock creating something that is just one of a kind amazing. The track hits us like a bag of bricks, but after the first hit we find ourselves saying “Can I have another?” Her voice is perfection and the verses flow one after the other as they are complement by the vivid embrace of the music video. So listen, see and enjoy this amazing mesmerizing ride.

“‘Smile for the Camera’ is an ode to my generation. We’re the generation that doesn’t put up with bullshit. We’re comfortable in our own skin. We move fast, and we’re unapologetic to anybody that stands in our way.” – UPSAHL

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