“Hungover” by Mothica

Indie singer/songwriter McKenzie Ellis aka Mothica comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the mesmerizing and enchanting musical world of “Hungover”. With this honest blend of down to earth and magical vibes, she grabs a hold of life and showcases her own experiences in a way that makes it so natural for us to connect with. The soundscape is one of the best I’ve heard and gives pop a sweet touch of something new and exciting as it crafts a track with all the necessary touches to be everlasting. She showcases her amazing range and gives her voice free reign through this world she has created as the verses come one after the other painting a vivid and intoxicating experience. So listen closely and open up your eyes as you prepare yourself to enjoy a one of a kind musical masterpiece courtesy of Mothica and the world of “Hungover”.

“When I started writing songs for this album, I knew I wanted to write about my drinking problem in a way that wouldn’t alienate people who don’t have problems with addiction. I personified alcohol, because that’s what it was to me. It was my best friend, lover, confidant, hype man, all wrapped in a seductive bottle marked poison. There were countless hangovers I spent crying in the bathroom, claiming I’d never do it again, and so it felt fitting to start the project out with Hungover, rather than end with it.” – McKenzie Ellis aka Mothica

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