“Bad Haircut” by Dylan Rockoff

Indie singer/songwriter Dylan Rockoff comes to us with the playful and refreshingly inviting musical gem that is “Bad Haircut”. He lets go of all the rules and limitations that some artists tend to place on themselves and just invites us into a catchy and fun experience that hides a story that we can connect with. The soundscape is freeing to not only him but also for those who get the pleasure of listening to it as he guides us through with the help of his voice and his electric control and range. You can even enhance the experience by diving into the fantastic and quite charming blend of visuals that the music video has to offer making it one for the books. So listen, see, have a blast and enjoy this amazing adventure that he has crafted for us all with “Bad Haircut”.

Must know: 100% of the pre-order proceeds from his upcoming album, SEMICOLON & PARENTHESES, will be donated to the Locks of Love Foundation.

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