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Artist: Tall Heights

Song: Keeps me light

Why? Indie folk duo Tall Heights come to us with a cinematic and mesmerizing musical creation with “Keeps me light”. The track flows with such naturality through the airwaves and caresses our souls with melodies and lyrics that tell a story that instantly plays with our imagination. The verses come together to deliver a soundscape that is quite unique and soothing as it flows through the airwaves finding a home within us. The guys have truly crafted a contemporary masterpiece that feels classic yet modern allowing the story to connect with both young and old. So dive into it and explore this marvelous world.

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Artist: Flight Facilities & Aloe Blacc

Song: Better than ever

Why? Australian electronic duo Flight Facilities joins forces with the uber-talented Aloe Blacc to deliver a catchy and playful soundscape in “Better than ever”. The track is a special one that instantly hooks you and pulls you into a fantasy world that just puts a smile on your face instantly. The visuals and melodies perfectly complement each other allowing our senses to dive into it with no reservations. There’s no denying we have landed in musical gold and this track has all the right ingredients to be an instant classic. The voice complements the arrangement quite perfectly making sure the soundscape evokes something in all of us.

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Artist: Wyland

Song: Lost

Why? Indie band Wyland comes to us with a must listen gem titled “Lost” that is sure to make you feel a connect and create a place that you can call home. They come with Indie pop-rock sounds that grab you by surprise and make you feel something stirring within your heart and soul. The track connects verses and melodies to tell a story that will make your heart skip a beat or two as you are reminded of the beauty and magic of love. So listen carefully and let your imagination connect with this vivid and mesmerizing soundscape for it’s sure to give something more than what you were expecting.

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Artist: Grayson Ty & Fleuke

Song: One Regret

Why? Indie singer/songwriter Grayson Ty joins forces with Fleuke to deliver a charming and honest story with “One Regret”. Their voices compliment each other quite perfectly and the soothing and soft pop melodies allow them to speak not only to our senses but to our hearts and souls. It’s mesmerizing how they give each other room to shine and speak from their point of view and really paint a picture that while sad feels so magical. The track is just so utterly beautiful and intoxicating that you can’t help but need to catch your breath as it unfolds quite naturally in front of you. So dive into and see the story that awaits inside to speak to your most human side.

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Artist: Cattle & Cane

Song: I wish I knew Jesus (like you do)

Why? UK based indie pop-folk duo Cattle & Cane have done it once more and they have crafted a gem with “I wish I knew Jesus (like you do)”. With this track, they tell us a story of a man who knows pain, sadness and all the bad things that life can offer and wants to prevent you from getting near. There’s something about this soundscape that is so real, so raw, so human as it showcases the fear and fragility that is part of our existence and manages to feel sort of poetic. They balance each other’s voices in a way that is so exhilarating and magical making this soundscape one that you will definitely want to explore.

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Artist: Laureline

Song: Loving like you lost

Why? Indie Pop band Laureline comes to us with the bittersweet and honest musical creation that is “Loving like you lost”. With this track, they explore the other side of love, the one where two start fading away from one another. There’s something about this song that while playful delivers enticing and mesmerizing verses that come together to tell a story. They blend melodies and lyrics in a way that is so real, so charming and so human that you can’t help but feel an instant connection. You are caught by the magic that dwells within this track and allows it to serves your senses something special and refreshing.

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Artist: Will Callan

Song: Losing our minds

Why? Indie singer/songwriter Will Callan dives into the adventures of youth and begins a quest for something special with “Losing our minds”. The track flows with such naturality that it instantly makes you feel at ease for it speaks words that while personal to the singer, manage to feel the same for us. The track is electric, fun and so raw and real that our imagination is sure to embrace the unknown and dive into this amazing track. Enjoy!

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Artist: The Drew Thomson Foundation

Song: A little more time

Why? Canadian indie rock band The Drew Thomson Foundation come to us with an electric and in your face sound that is rebellious and inviting. Their approach is reminiscent of what UK based supernova of electricity and rock Catfish and the Bottlemen are doing but with their own personal touch. The soundscape they have crafted with “A little more time” is without a doubt a necessary experience for music lovers all around and it is sure to become a fan favorite.  So dive into this world and enjoy the ride.

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Artist: Zinnia

Song: Requiem

Why? Canada based indie pop act Zinnia comes to us with the haunting and unique soundscape of “Requiem”. With this track she explores her vocal and emotional range in a way that is intoxicating and mesmerizing. The track unfolds beautifully in front of us and allows our senses to instantly connect as the story within it takes shape and form connecting with our hearts and our souls. The track is a magical exploration of what lies within our human nature in a way that is powerful and exciting.

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Artist: Moses

Song: You need L

Why? UK based indie rock band MOSES comes to us with the powerful and electric anthem to love that is “You need L”. With this in your face musical creation they demand you listen and pay attention to what they have served for your senses to enjoy. The track is exquisite from beginning to end and serves as a wonderful reminder that rock is not dead and that there are bands out there giving it new life. So dive into this one of a kind love adventure and let it all flow within you and the verses tell a story that is sure to feel like home.

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Artist: The Moving Stills

Song: Stick Around

Why? Australian indie rock band The Moving Stills come to us with an inspiring and welcoming soundscape with “Stick Around”. With this track they say thank you to all the people in their lives and for the fact that they have stayed in the good and the bad. It’s a wonderful blend of melodies and lyrics that remind to be thankful for those who are part of this adventure called life. It’s one of those songs that you just want to listen while with somebody special because you really want them to know how you feel.

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Artist: Honeymoan

Song: Still here

Why? South African indie pop-rock band Honeymoan comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the musical gem that is “Still Here”. With this refreshing and really mature blend of melodies and lyrics, they serve up an enjoyable yet down to earth soundscape that instantly pulls you in. With it, they explore the various aspects of our frail human nature in a way that is catchy and inviting allowing us all to drop down our defenses and open up as the song unfolds and embraces more and more of its human side. So listen carefully and explore the ups and downs of this world as they lead to a place of warmth and acceptance.

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Artist: Forrest Run

Song: Summer

Why? From Australia comes the uber-talented ensemble of Forrest Run with this cinematic gem that is “Summer”. With this track, they explore the magic and beauty of the unknown as they seek to break the rules and deliver something new to the music scene. Our senses thank them for the path taken for it allows us to feel invested and really connect with the soundscape as it takes shape and form to become the masterpiece that the end product is. There’s something here that is sure to make us all fans of their sound and to make this track an amazing addition to any and all playlists.

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Artist: Conan Gray

Song: Checkmate

Why? Indie singer/songwriter Conan Gray comes to us with the mindblowing cinematic gem that is “Checkmate”. With this exciting and refreshing soundscape, he pulls us into a world that is so real, so raw and frankly, fun and intoxicating. The track paints a picture that has been seen, lived and heard of by everyone and does so in a way that is so well crafted and full of passion and electricity. Conan keeps on showing the world how talented and connected to the human experience he is in a youthful and rebellious way is simply mesmerizing and inviting.

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Artist: iEzra

Song: Ransom

Why? Black Taxi singer Ezra Huleatt comes to us with his new individual project iEzra and with it comes the haunting gem that is “Ransom”. With this unique blend of melodies and lyrics, he delivers a mesmerizing and surreal soundscape that manages to creep in and make our senses it’s home. There’s something about it that feels strangely romantic, magical and in a way exactly what we needed as he crafts a different tale from most. He speaks of a higher form of love that goes beyond the mundane and finds understanding in nature itself, for this soundscape speaks of a love affair with the ocean. So listen carefully, sway side to side and fall in love as well.

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Artist: JunkBunny

Song: This Time

Why? Indie rock band JunkBunny comes to us with the electric and rebellious musical gem that is “This Time”. The track gives us passion, energy-filled arrangements and an in your face vocal approach that makes it an instant hit. The guys have crafted something amazing that gives your body a reason to sway from side to side and your mouth a reason to sing along with it. The soundscape is mesmerizing and intoxicating as it blends the melodies and lyrics to capture our imagination and give us a fine dose of something amazing.

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Artist: Rainsford

Song: Open Open

Why? Los Angeles based indie singer/songwriter Rainsford arrives with an honest and bittersweet blend of melodies and lyrics with the gem that is “Open Open”. With this soundscape, she explores what comes after a breakup and wonders about what could have been done differently. The track serves as a very honest and human exploration of what once was and what could have been as she apologizes for the mistakes that no longer can be erased. The soundscape is beautifully cinematic and enticing as it pulls us into a world that is refreshing to find for it is real and something we can actually relate with on a deeper level than most.

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Artist: Remember the Monsters

Song: Close Encounters

Why? Indie pop-rock band Remember the Monsters come to the land of the Wolf with the electric and in your face soundscape of “Close Encounters”. With this powerful and rebellious soundscape, they provide us with a cinematic and intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics that is sure to get you hyped. The approach of the track is full of passion and reminiscent of the punk-rock sound that ruled the early 00’s with a perfect touch of something contemporary. The track flows with ease and manages to hypnotize from the very first second making you crave, want and need more of it as your finger automatically presses play over and over again.

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Artist: Anna Altar

Song: No difference

Why? Los Angeles native Nicole Mormann aka Anna Altar comes to us with an honest and inviting soundscape with “No difference”. With this blend of melodies and lyrics, she explores within her heart and soul aiming to find an answer to a question that was personal yet has the possibility of being universal through individual interpretation. Within this soundscape, you can see the inner battle between being heard and being in love with what you put out into the world, as an artist this was a struggle she went through. She invites us to question the reason behind what we do in life and to really ask if we are happy with where we are and what we do to be there.

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Artist: Pet Fangs

Song: Barbarella

Why? US-based indie rock band Pet Fangs come to us with the sensual and delicious sonic gem that is “Barbarella”. With this perfect blend of melodies and lyrics, they tell a story of a woman so unique and sensual that you can’t help but instantly feel attracted to her. This soundscape is electrifying and so exciting for our senses to experience as it flows with naturality and ease, painting an exaggerated yet down to earth outlook of life, love and everything in between. The guys have done and their track is one that your body and your senses will want to dive into with no holds barred.

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