“Closure” by Aaron Taos

Indie singer/songwriter Aaron Taos is a favorite of this wolf and showcasing his work is always a pleasure, so enjoy “Closure” with me. The uber-talented artist has crafted the perfect break-up anthem and with this video, he manages to pull us into a cinematic experience. The track is without a doubt perfection and there’s no denying that there’s always a pleasant surprise when he is on your screen or your speakers. The soundscape is mesmerizing and so fun, yet so down to earth that you can visualize each and every verse and see how the dots connect between visuals, melodies, lyrics, and vocals. We can jump into his world and find ourselves living all that he is living and finding ourselves wanting to be best friends with this guy. He is not only talented and possesses a fine-tuned understanding of life and the many experiences that are part of it, but he knows how to make it entertaining and hypnotizing as it takes shape and form. So listen carefully and enjoy this amazing one of a kind ride.

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