“Crazy” by Audrey

Indie singer/songwriter Audrey opens up her heart to love and invites us on this adventure that is the musical gem of “Crazy”. The track is fun and exciting to your senses from the beginning to the end allowing us to dive into a world that is real yet magical. The soundscape makes you smile as it plays with your imagination and transports you to this world that can be founds within these verses and melodies. She dances through each scene of this vivid and electric music video and really manages to keep us interested each and every second. So listen, see and enjoy this one of a kind track!

“‘Crazy’ tells the story of finding a love unlike anything experienced before. The song describes the pain of a long-distance relationship, and the euphoria of a love that is all-consuming. I used to tell my friends that falling in love so fast was “crazy.” And then it happened to me.” – Audrey

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