“Conspiracy of Silence” by The Swoons

Indie pop-rock band The Swoons come to Wolf in a Suit once more with the inspiring and powerful musical creation that is “Conspiracy of silence”. With this exquisite, raw and riveting musical creation the talented ensemble speaks to us from the heart and leave a message meant to be heard and understood. They look at us and the world and want us/need us to do something than just stay silent as society hits new lows and all the fantasies of goodness in humanity come crumbling down. The track is real and shoots like an arrow straight to the heart managing to land deep within us and serve as a wake up call that was much needed. There’s something so special about this track that makes it the perfect soundscape to end the year. Enjoy!

“Through chilling call-to-action, ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ encourages humanity to stay truthful, honest, and vocal politically and candidly. Emotive synth lines & live drum work transcends the symbolic lyrical content to an even more sinister yet vibrant tone as a backup choir adds gospel eminence.” – The Swoons

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