“Spin Around” by The Eiffels

The Eiffels come to us with a playful, energetic and inviting blend of melodies and lyrics in the shape and form of “Spin Around”. With this refreshing soundscape, the guys have created a track that tells a story that is fun and easy to connect with as your senses embrace the magic that resides in it. The melodies and vocals invite your body to look for the nearest dance floor as you let loose and dance and have the time of your life. There’s something so amazing being brewed within this track that you instantly dive into it and your imagination paints a picture inspired by each and every verse that is sure to make you smile. The guys have created an instant hit and a must listen for any music lover as they give pop a much-needed push to shine once more.

“It was a valuable reminder that having a clear idea of what you don’t want can be very helpful in the writing process. We wanted a synth-driven dance song. We wanted fun vocals that didn’t take themselves too seriously. And we wanted to tell a story. ‘Spin Around’ is about that quintessential night out, and being fixated on a hypnotic muse.” – Sean Ulbs of The Eiffels

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