“Nothing to lose” by DI-RECT

Dutch Indie pop-rock band DI-RECT arrives once more in the lands of the Wolf in a Suit and they do so with the fun and exciting gem that is “Nothing to lose”. The uber-talented band from the Netherlands comes to us with a straightforward message that aims to empower us and fill us with a hunger and thirst for more. The soundscape unites the melodies, lyrics, and visuals perfectly as it crafts a world that invites us in as the track takes shape and form. There’s something about this song that is sure to put you in a great mood as we told that life is too short and too beautiful to be our own worst enemies. Why should we always tell ourselves no when saying yes can be so beautiful and so gratifying. So have the time of your life and enjoy the adventure that awaits within this fantastic and electrifying soundscape. Enjoy!

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