“Options” by BOKEH

From New Zealand comes the uber-talented Chloe Lewer aka BOKEH with the inviting and refreshing indie-pop gem that is “Options”. With this track she invites us all to dance, to smile and to be free to be who we want to be and to live however we want to live. The verses and melodies play with our senses and feed something unique and necessary to our imagination as we dive without any hesitation into it. Plus the visuals perfectly complement the feel and vibes of the melodies in a way that is truly intoxicating and welcomed. You are sure to want to share this amazing musical masterpiece that oozes freedom and self-love as those are things that we all need and want. So listen carefully and enter this world she has crafted to enjoy a beautiful and captivating adventure.

“‘Options’ is about moving forward, plunging into the unknown and finding your own sense of pleasure and freedom in what you want and who you want to be.” – Chloe Lewer aka BOKEH

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