“Ghost Town” by Flawes ft. ROZES

UK based indie-pop band Flawes joins forces with US based indie singer/songwriter ROZES and together they deliver the mesmerizing and captivating gem that is “Ghost Town”.  With this intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics they paint a picture that feels so real, so human and so bittersweet yet so magical. The soundscape is without a doubt one of those that instantly pulls you in as it takes shape and form painting a picture that feels so personal and so natural. The verses come one after the other adding to the story that has been crafted allowing us to feel it more and more as our senses embrace the pain and understand what must be done. There’s something about this must listen gem that is sure to make it into an instant classic and a must for any music lover. So listen carefully and enjoy this amazing track that comes to us and adds a special layer to the pop music scene.

“Ghost Town is about being stuck in a relationship where convenience has been put ahead of love in terms of importance. All the excitement, passion and friendship has expired and the relationship itself left resembling a Ghost Town.”

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