“Soy lo que soy” by MONOGEM

Uber talented indie singer/songwriter MONOGEM gives music lovers around the world the exquisite melodic gem that is “Soy lo que soy”. With this mesmerizing and beautiful union of melodies and lyrics, she connects with her Mexican roots and invites us on this quest to realize all that makes her be her. She connects with her music, her verses, her story, and her heritage in a way that is inspiring and inviting as you can’t help but simply be in awe of what she has crafted. The track sounds so natural and so meant to be that as a Latino myself I would have expected her to be a full-time Spanish speaking singer, but hearing her embrace this other side of her and show the world how multifaceted she is simply leaving me blown away. The track and the visuals come together perfectly and hand in hand they provide us with an experience that is sure to be unforgettable. So listen, see, sway from side to side to the sound and enjoy the magic she has crafted.


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