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Song: Soy lo que soy

Why? Indie singer/songwriter MONOGEM connects with her Latin roots and gives us the mesmerizing gem that is “Soy lo que soy”. With this refreshing and honest soundscape she sings in Spanish and takes us for a ride that is sure connect. She opens up her heart and soul and lets us in to take a peek and connect with the the beauty and magic of her lyrics. She truly has crafted an amazing must listen musical creation that is sure to become an instant favorite no matter what language you speak, what gender you identify with or what music you typically go for. Listen and enjoy this beautiful track!

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Artist: Gold Spectacles

Song: I can see the future

Why? Indie pop band Gold Spectacles comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the haunting and bittersweet gem that is “I can see the future”. With this exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics they tell a story of how love of how it has sadly reached a point of no return. The story is ending and you know it and desperately want to go back to when everything was like a fairy tale. It’s honest and intoxicating as it surges through every vein inside your body leaving you breathless as it feels so real and so personal.

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Artist: Tanzos

Song: How do you want me?

Why? Indie rock band Tanzos comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the utterly magical and captivating gem that is “How do you want me?”. With this exquisite musical creation, they instantly become a fan favorite and to be honest a personal addition to my daily playlist. The track is lyrically, melodically and visually mesmerizing and powerful as it showcases something deeper than what we are used to at times. We are pulled into a world that is so human, so real and so raw allowing our senses to connect with the experience fully in a heart beat.

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Artist: Royal Teeth

Song: Get a load of this one

Why? Indie band Royal Teeth get rebellious and playful with the amazing musical gem that is “Get a load of this one”. With this one of a kind soundscape they pull you down a rabbit hole that is sure to fill you energy as your fire is lighted a little more and more with every verse. You are sure to get hooked and reeled in by this intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics that will leave your senses craving for more. So dive into the world they have crafted and join the party started by this amazing band.

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Artist: Bradley Arthur Maxwell

Song: Easy on me

Why? Indie singer/songwriter Bradley Arthur Maxwell opens up his heart and souls and tells us a story of hope and wishful thinking with “Easy on me”. With this soothing and charming union of melodies and lyrics he paints a picture that our imagination easily embraces and connects with. The soundscape understands the reality of the human condition as it knows that love is not as easy as it’s painted to be. There’s ups and downs that you go through and as they come by they can make or break your relationship.

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Song: Rice Crispies

Why? Magnificent, outer-worldly, and uber-talented indie singer/songwriter BIIANCO comes to us once more with the sweet dose of ambrosia that is “Rice Crispies”. With this exquisite musical creation, she sets melodies and lyrics in motion to play with our imagination and give our senses something intoxicating and surreal. Plus there’s something about the way she takes center stages and owns the flow of the music video that just hypnotizes and pulls you in. She has crafted a world that is so haunting and magical that you are sure to want more and more of it.

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Artist: Olivia Grace

Song: Body

Why? Indie singer/songwriter Olivia Grace pulls us into her world with the mesmerizing and intoxicating musical creation that is “Body”. With this one of a kind must listen gem she pulls us with a soft and gentle touch and whispers sweet word in our ears. We are hypnotized by how the verses and melodies perfectly complement each other setting in motion an experience that is surely bound to be part of our memories. We listen, we dance, we feel and we enjoy this amazing ride with a smile.

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Artist: Jonas Schmidt ft. Rickysee

Song: Fall Again

Why? Indie artists Jonas Schmidt and Rickysee join forces and together they deliver the musical gem that is “Fall Again”. With this exquisite and charming blend of melodies and lyrics they open up their hearts and soul to tell us a story that will keep us hooked. The soundscape is refreshingly honest and soothing to hear as our senses feel an instant connection with the flow of the verses and how it all comes together. There’s something about this  track that is quite mesmerizing and welcomed as it flows through the airwaves with kind and inviting vibes.

Artist: Dylan Rockoff

Song: Competition

Why? Indie singer/songwriter Dylan Rockoff comes to us with a beautiful yet bittersweet blend of melodies and lyrics with “Competition”. With this mesmerizing musical creation he sets a world in motion that is so real and so personal that you can feel it in your veins and in your bones. The track flows with supernatural yet expected ease as it paints a picture that our imagination can easily embrace. There’s something about this song that is so captivating and raw that you just connect with it as it becomes one with you and your life.

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Artist: Anna Clendening

Song: If I’m being honest

Why? Indie singer/songwriter Anna Clendening delivers a bittersweet yet mesmerizing tale of heartbreak and pain with the gem that is “If I’m being honest”. With this fantastic soundscape she gives us something so real, so raw and so human as a tale of what happens after a relationship ends. She understands that is not as easy as simply letting and forgetting, the body and heart ache and remember what was once there and while you know that it’s time to let go, it’s extremely to do so at first. It grieves in a mature and honest way connecting with the listener as it does not paint a fantasy but a harsh reality that is most of the time part of life.

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Artist: Corella

Song: Bloom

Why? Indie pop-Rock band Corella comes to us with exquisite tale of wishful thinking that is “Bloom”. With this one of a kind soundscape they embody all of us as they wish and wish for the good moments to never end and to simply stop time while you are in them. It understands of the fantasy and impossible nature of this request but still aims to keep those moments tucked away inside the heart and soul. It knows that while we have to move forward, we can at least keep the memories and think of them when we are down as a way to pick ourselves back up.

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Artist: Dantevilles

Song: Save me a dance

Why? Indie rock band Dantevilles come to us with the catchy and inviting musical gem that is “Save me a dance”. With this perfectly balanced blend of melodies and lyrics they inject something to our senses that makes us want more and more as we slowly walk towards the nearest dance floor. There’s something about this soundscape that is so charming, so real and so fun for the senses to experience. You will find yourself pressing play over and over as the intoxicating experiences begs for more and more of you. It’s one of those track that allows you to free fall into it as it embraces your existence with something electric and quite charming.

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Artist: Lone Wild

Song: You just can’t

Why? Indie Pop-Rock band Lone Wild keep on serving masterful and intoxicating musical creations and their latest, “You just can’t” is a perfect addition to their repertoire. The track is surreal and magical allowing the vocals and instruments to deliver something unlike anything else and so hypnotizing. The soundscape makes it easy to just jump into it and feel welcomed by it’s warmth and soothing embrace. The guys have done once more and crafted a song bound to be an instant classic.

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Artist: The Hi

Song: Sway

Why? Indie pop-rock band The Hi comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the mesmerizing and powerful gem that is “Sway”. With this exquisite musical creation they provide music lovers around the world with a one of a kind soundscape that will remain in the memories of all who listen forever. The track is a perfect blend of melodies and lyrics that transpire the limitations of the speakers and connects with you on a deeper level. The track is mesmerizing, human and so raw that is sure to make you feel something as it takes shape and form and becomes one of the best additions to your playlist.

Artist: Nina Monroy

Song: Mood Ring

Why? Indie singer/songwriter Nina Monroy comes to us with the refreshing and honest musical creation that is “Mood Ring”. With this soundscape she takes back what has always been hers and invites us to do the same as our happiness and our joy is ours to create and not someone else to rule. Her voice transitions beautifully with passion, realness and a unique mesmerizing feel about it that is sure to pull you in an instant. The verses and melodies come together to paint a picture that is simply intoxicating and so raw allowing our senses to not only listen and see but truly feel. She has crafted a must listen gem that is sure to conquer music lovers all around.

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