“I miss David Bowie

I miss prince

I miss the way it used to feel when we would kiss

I miss driving in your car

I miss downtown

I guess I really just miss having you around…”

“David Bowie” by chloe mk

Indie singer/songwriter chloe mk delivers a refreshing and mesmerizing pop soundscape with her must listen creation “David Bowie”. With this exquisite and heart-wrenching tale she speaks of the aftermath after the break up as two sides that were once one have to now learn to be separate. It understand that things are not as easy as people make them out to be and you miss all the little things like listening to music together while driving around town. It knows that the heart will miss, the heart will feel pain and the heart will cry as the memories pour out everyday for a while but eventually life will start moving forward once more. So listen and see the reflection of what your heart and soul have felt and enjoy the ride as you look from the outside now.

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