“Ding Dong Scrambled Eggs” by Cataldo

Indie singer/songwriter Eric Anderson aka Cataldo comes to Wolf in a suit for the first time with an exciting and refreshing musical proposal with “Ding Dong Scrambled Eggs”. With this mesmerizing yet down to earth soundscape he takes inspiration from his life in a small town and transports us to it. The track is truly one of a kind and bound to get you hooked as it takes shape and form from verse to verse. Your imagination will be served with a sweet dose of musical ambrosia that is sure to touch your heart, your soul and the very nature of your human existence. There’s no stopping our senses from falling in love with this beautifully crafted musical gem. Enjoy!

“I tried to write songs about what it was really like growing up in a weird small town, not a tarted up banjo-and-suspenders version of what people imagine it might be like.”

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