“…I’ll learn to rot away and not complain

It’s easier when you love the pain

Asleep in the flower bed again

Asleep flower in the flower bed

But do you feel karma

When you hit rock bottom?…”

“Sore Loser//” by KennyHoopla

Wisconsin based indie singer/songwriter KennyHoopla comes to Wolf in a Suit with an amazing taste of something unique with his musical gem “Sore Loser//”. The uber-talented artist creates his own path in music allowing to create sounds and verses that are refreshing and instantly hypnotizing. His voice flows through the airwaves with a certain je ne sais quoi that is instantly intoxicating and pulls you closer and closer to the fire that he is burning. There’s something within these verses and melodies that is sure to find a home within your soul as it paints a picture that is so human, so real and so raw. So dive into it for it’s waiting to give you a dose of the magic that it holds. Enjoy!

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