“Trying” by Aunty Social

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Daniela Gitto aka Aunty Social comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the mesmerizing musical creation that is “Trying”. She opens up her heart and soul and lets us take a peak inside as she shares her personal experience with religion and stepping outside of it. The track is shared as something personal and non-intrusive for it invites the listener to connect in any way you can. It does not necessarily have to be through religion, but if it is know that you are alone and that as she has, there are others who have walked away as well. She serves us a story that is very much real and human and invites the listeners to pay attention and understand that we are all trying to find something that is meaningful and special. Sometimes ending a relationship such as a person with the belief that had been part of life for so long can be hard, but it’s not impossible and it does not have to be a lonely route. So listen closely, feel the connection and enjoy the ride that you are being invited to.

“Before all of this, religion was my identity. It’s what I relied on, it’s what I followed. I was raised in a Catholic family, I went to a Catholic school. Once that was gone, I really didn’t know who I was. I felt like all this progress that I had made from six to sixteen was completely void, and then I had to muster up all the things that make me who I am.”

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