“Circles” by KOYO

UK based indie rock band KOYO come to Wolf in a Suit for the very first time with the electrically charming gem that is “Circles”. With this refreshing and honest soundscape the band explores the ins and outs of relationships and how at times no matter what you do, sadly there’s no solution. It understands that we may try and try over and over again but some things are just beyond your control and find home outside your hands. It’s a bittersweet and very human blend of melodies and lyrics that plays with your imagination and paints a picture that can feel eerily familiar at times. Listen carefully for there’s something special here and dive into this world the guys have crafted with talent, passion, sweat and probably a few tears. Enjoy!

“When we started writing songs for the new album, we realised we were trying too hard to create our best work and ideas started to feel too convoluted and contrived,” explains frontman Huw Edwards. “We remembered that we needed to trust our gut and switch off the conscious side of our brains, without worrying about whether it’s gonna be any good or not. Circles was a breakthrough in that respect. It came together so quickly and felt so authentic to what was truly inside of us, lyrically and musically. We were getting really inspired sonically by early Smashing Pumpkins and bands like Pavement, and generally wanted to give things their own space rather than throwing a million ideas at the wall. Circles is about trying to rescue a relationship and being stuck in a cycle of wanting something to work – but continuously not being able to make it work for reasons almost beyond your control.”

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