“Blue” by Eleanor Jacks

Australian indie singer/songwriter Eleanor Jacks opens up her heart and soul to give us the bittersweet tale that is “Blue”. With this incredibly human and inviting soundscape, she pulls us into a story that may feel eerily familiar but much needed to be heard. The verses and melodies come together just right to set the track in motion and allow us to find a reflection of our own adventures and mishaps with love in it. She understands that all these experiences become part of us and change us as they help us grow, mature and evolve as human beings and as future partners of somebody who is also going through these ups and downs. The track provides us with a reassuring voice that understands the pain and necessity of these experiences while letting us know that it’s alright to move forward while having some baggage. Enjoy!

“I wrote the lyric to this after experiencing the start of a relationship that I thought could have gone somewhere but the other person wasn’t in it for the same reasons I was. I was interstate with this person and despite wanting this to work, I felt completely alone and within this particular situation, extremely anxious.

There is also a slight turnaround in the last chorus lyrically which appears to signal that I’m done with it but the reality is, you never are. These experiences shape us but they never completely leave us.”

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