“Look at me” by Kellimarie

UK based indie singer/songwriter Kellimarie comes to Wolf in a Suit with an honest tale in her must listen gem, “Look at me”. With this refreshingly inviting, youthful and down to earth soundscape she tells us a story of wanting to be looked at. Sometimes you just want to be noticed and no matter what you do you seem to remain invisible to the one person you wished would see you. There’s a certain connection that one can find with the verses for we have all been in this spot at least once. Life is like this and the game of love does not pick and choose based on what you want, sometimes it just happens and sometimes it doesn’t. So listen closely and find your reflection within this soundscape. Enjoy!

“The song was written with the context that every girl has that guy that they want to feel loved by. it was written with the inspiration to show people that everyone goes through this. The story of the song is about a girl (me!) liking a boy and wants to be looked at, the way that she looks at him”

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