“…Cigarette in hand, whiskey always in demand

When did you get so good at being bad?

Maybe you can’t deal with this tenderness I feel

Another shot, another line, you’re swept away…”

“Parties” by Elizabeth

From Australia comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Elizabeth with her hypnotizing music creation, “Parties”. With this mesmerizing soundscape, she allows her voice to caress perfection as she delivers a wide array of feelings and emotions that are sure to hit home. She paints a picture so familiar allowing our imagination to instantly transport us to a world where the verses can flow with ease to deliver the story that dwells inside the song. We are pulled softly into a bittersweet reality that while saddening it is also honest and welcoming for it understand not just the goods but also the moments in which pain sinks in. We are bound to be haunted by this one of a kind musical gem but it is a welcoming experience for in it we can find a voice that is warm and understanding. Enjoy!

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