“Soft” by Fox Sinclair

Los Angeles based indie singer/songwriter Fox Sinclair comes to Wolf in a Suit with an electric and empowering gem in “Soft”. With this one of a kind soundscape, she does not hold back and speaks her truth in a way that is mesmerizing and refreshing to hear. Her voice soars through the airwaves and pulls you into her world allowing you to not just be hypnotized but truly pay attention to what she has to say. She steps away from the old school mentalities and so-called rules that women had to follow in order to embrace the fire and power that she has always had. She no longer hides her truth and lets the world and whoever wants to enter her world know this for she’s got nothing to hide and she will not be someone else but herself. She embraces her raw, honest, sexy and in your face persona that is part of her and quite frankly, it’s amazing and most welcomed because no one should ever something or someone they are not. So listen to her voice for the Fox is out in the wild and she is ready to rock the music scene with something intoxicating and magical. Enjoy!

“‘Soft’ is so necessary. I was sick of getting pushed around because I’m sensitive and caring. Sometimes, you just have to say how you really feel and abandon being ‘Soft’ to get what you actually want.”

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