“…I don’t want to see you with that guy

I don’t even got the reason why

Even if you try to play along

I already know that you were wrong…”

“Reason” by Supermassive ft. Smogy

Supermassive joins forces with Smogy and together they deliver the electric and visually stunning gem that is the music video for “Reason”. With this captivating and energy-filled musical creation they pull us into a world that could have only been given birth to within their imagination. There’s something about it that is so fun, so refreshing and so truly inviting that your senses and your soul are sure to need it over and over again. The track has got that charm that makes those special creations not just shine but actually stand out and become instant classics within the music scene. There’s no denying what your body and brain already know, this track is a must for any music lover. You are sure to get all your needs met as the song takes shape and form and unfolds in front of you. So listen, see and enjoy the ride that you have gotten into.

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