“…I’m throwing all the love you gave
‘Cause you just wanted someone safe
But look at me I’m so unstable yeah
I’m not the kind of man you crave
I’m digging you an early grave
I think it’s time you run away…”

“Ghost” by Moncrieff

Irish indie singer/songwriter Moncrieff delivers a powerful and in your face bittersweet soundscape with the gem that is “Ghost”. This track delivers lyrics that take shape and form with such fierce passion and honesty that there’s no help falling for it and diving into the story that dwells inside. He does not want forgiveness and for us to feel sorry for he understands what he has done and who he is embracing the good and the bad that makes him up. The song is refreshing as it does not speak of love or being the right one but embraces the fact that he is breaking a heart and while he feels bad it’s part of his nature and at the time there’s no denying it. So listen closely and enter the realm he has crafted. Enjoy!

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