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“Shakes (Falling in love)” by The Magnettes

Swedish indie pop-rock band The Magnettes deliver a playfully enticing and inviting musical creation with their latest track, “Shakes (falling in love)”. With this charming and provocative soundscape, the talented band have crafted something so refreshing and romantic that you can easily connect with. The track takes shape and form and pulls you with a soft electric touch into a blend of melodies and lyrics that makes your heart skip a beat or two. The butterflies living inside your stomach are reminded of why they flutter when someone special enters your life and maybe just maybe it’s the right time for them to take flight once more. They have captured the magic and unknown reality of what falling in love entails to our hearts and souls. There’s no denying that we are bound to be hooked by the sweet union of visuals and melodies that take over our reality as our senses are finally able to rejoice. Enjoy!

”It’s about gushing love and heaving lungs, kisses in the rain and all that fun stuff we don’t really have time for anymore. Or probably just about how we really wanna be (/make out with) Stevie Nicks. It’s our farewell letter to a more volatile, nervous, and romantic way of life. Musically, we wanted it to sound as if Bratmobile and Baby Spice got together and played on top of ’Dancing In The Dark’.”

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