“…You stood so close that you’re touching my hair
Sent a shiver down my spine, feel your heat moving through the air
You look so alive, tell me, do you ever care?
Well I know you got something in your blood that we don’t share…”

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“Wu Baby” by IDER

UK indie pop/band IDER comes to Wolf in a Suit with the electric and refreshingly mesmerizing gem that is “Wu Baby”. With sweet and playful blend of melodies and lyrics these uber-talented women take us on for the ride of our lives. The soundscape is vibrant and charms you in a heartbeat allowing the listener to not only feel the sound but dive into the story that lies within the magical union of verses, vocals and instruments. They come to us with something palpable and real that allows us to embrace the fantasy that lies beyond the music and find the fire that burns brightly inside. So listen closely and let yourself be pulled by the electricity of this one of a kind soundscape. Enjoy!

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