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“Angry Too” by Lola Blanc

Indie singer/songwriter Lola Blanc delivers a powerful and mesmerizing musical creation with her latest single, “Angry Too”. With this honest and in your face soundscape she opens up her heart and soul and shares the anger and pain she has sadly felt at the hands of others. The track lands like a visceral punch straight to the gut as we can visualize all that she has gone through. The music video flows with ease through the airwaves and manages to connect with the listeners on a deeper level than most. She provides women around the globe a passionate and haunting modern-day anthem that serves as a motivation to speak up and speak loud. So listen closely and pay attention as this soundscape unfolds and pulls you in. Enjoy!

“The song wasn’t intended to be about the movement specifically, but the constant outings of abusers brought up all this anger and cumulative trauma I hadn’t fully dealt with,” she shares. “Several men who had crossed a line with me were either publicly or privately outed as having assaulted other women, and the sheer number of people who didn’t respect my boundaries throughout my life really hit me. I was so mad: At the men, at their enablers, at myself, at the system and the culture that had normalized these victimizations.”

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