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“Good morning, Sunshine” by Nikita Afonso

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Nikita Afonso comes to Wolf in a Suit with the beautifully soothing gem that is “Good morning, Sunshine”. With this sweet blend of melodies and lyrics, the uber-talented artist allows our hearts to be embraced by a welcoming and amazing warmth that only can be found in her indie gem. Her track caresses our souls and connects with something deeper than the simple enjoyment of a good song as we can feel a newfound source of energy inviting us to smile and welcome the new day. There’s something about this track that perfectly embraces the visuals allowing us to feel a connection so deep that we can even feel ourselves at home as we listen to the amazing sounds and verses of this gem. We can grasp all the good and the magic that awaits us all out in the world and do it so with a bright smile filled with joy and hope. So listen, see and above all, enjoy the ride.

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