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“Changes” by Balthazar

From Belgium comes the indie rock band Balthazar and with them comes the mesmerizingly soothing soundscape of “Changes”. With this track, we get to go on an adventure that fills not only our imagination but our senses along the way. There’s something so rebellious about the relaxed way in which the voice takes the lyrics and delivers a story that is intoxicating and gratifying. We can grasp something surreal and human at the same time that catches us off guard as we fall with ease for the sweet dose of indie gold melodies that come forth from this track. So we listen closely and open our eyes as the music videos gives us visuals and sounds bound to be everlasting in the Parthenon of music. Enjoy!

“…I know that things could be better
Sometimes it feels we’re cursed
But if I imagine those changes
Well, somehow that would make it worse…”

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