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“Sabotage” by Moby Rich

Indie alternative-pop duo Moby Rich come to us with an insightful and honest soundscape with “Sabotage”. With this track, they embrace the reality of the human experience and dive the topic of self-sabotage, which is one most if not all of us have known. They deliver catchy hooks that pull you in an instant and allow you to feel empowered and understood. The verses paint a picture with which can instantly feel a connection and make it ours. There’s something about this song that makes you feel at home and as it all unfolds you keep on falling deeper and deeper. So listen carefully, open your eyes and enjoy the amazing must listen gem that is this track. Enjoy!

Connor says, “We wrote ‘Sabotage’ because its fucking true. We constantly mess things up for ourselves. Fear turned fate, even. Life is already difficult just trying to cope, then we allow ourselves the room to fuck it up even more. Maxwell and I try to find topics that we both agree with, and this one was a no brainer.”

Maxwell chimes in saying, “Self-sabotaging is a universal thing that everybody goes through in their own way. We feel like it’s been such a defining thing in our own lives that writing about it came so naturally.”

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