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“Smoke” by Kevin Garrett

Indie singer/songwriter Kevin Garrett joins forces with Vevo to deliver a stripped back version of his must listen gem, “Smoke”. With his piano and his voice he takes over the airwaves and provides our senses a perfect dose of musical ambrosia that captures not only our hearts but also our souls. The soundscape flows with surreal and subtle ease pulling the listener deeper and deeper into the world that lies within the verses and melodies of this gem. Kevin has crafted something so special, so real, so perfectly bittersweet and so human that we cannot stop ourselves from connecting with the entirety of this track. He gives us a taste of something unique and one of a kind that any music lover is sure to fall for. So listen, see and enjoy!

“…We cannot save this
And I won’t let myself bleed
See the human in me
I am all that I own
Don’t try to take it
And I will welcome my grief
‘Cause she is faster to teach
Than anyone I have known…”

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