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“‘Anybody out there” by Annika Grace

Indie singer/songwriter Annika Grace has hit the nail right in the head with her must listen mesmerizing musical creation, “Anybody out there”. With this exquisite musical gem, she opens up her heart and soul and wonders as we have if there’s someone in the world for her. The soundscape is beautifully intoxicating and so honest and human that you can’t help but want to dive deeper and deeper into the world that dwells in her music. There’s something so heartfelt, so honest and inviting that you not only connect with the track on a music-loving level but also on a personal route allowing the track to feel as much yours as it is hers. So open your eyes and let your imagination be charmed by the wonderful visuals and surreal melodies of this fantastic must listen gem. Enjoy!

“In our society today, we are so consumed with fame, wealth, and popularity. We rely on our social media followers to let us know how loved we are. We swipe right, not to find a decent human being we could possibly see ourselves with, but instead whoever is the hottest. It’s a “me” society, and I feel a lot of us, especially myself, feel a little lost in this new culture that has been created by the internet. I consider myself a little old fashioned and a hopeless romantic, and I feel today that is fading. One night stands and booty calls replace romantic dates while beer pong and red cups replace the intimacy of buying someone a drink and getting to know one another. I wrote this song in hopes others would relate and understand that even if the world does one thing, you do not have to play follow the leader. I remember looking back as I was writing and remembering who I was before college, and drew upon that for inspiration on who I desire to be. Sometimes there is a point in your life where everything you used to be becomes everything you wish to be and I was in that moment, looking back on the version of myself who didn’t care if my values and expectations weren’t the norm. In the end I came to a question that was in the back of my brain as I was trying to juggle the line between being utterly and bravely yourself and being someone who would fit in… ‘Is there anybody out there like me’?”

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