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“Sit and breathe” by In their Thousands

Irish indie rock band In their Thousands come to Wolf in a Suit for the very first time with a fine dose of music gold in “Sit and Breathe”. With this exquisite musical creation, they embrace the reality of life in a way that is so honest, so real and so raw. You are immediately hooked by the sweet blend of melodies and lyrics that come together within this track making it a full experience for the entirety of your senses. Not only are your senses filled with something magical but your imagination also gets a chance to come out and play as the soundscape is one that feeds it perfectly. There’s no denying that there’s something so unique, so refreshing and simply one of a kind for the reality in which we live in making the song a must listen gem. You are bound to be pulled into the world they have crafted within this track and enjoy one of the most amazing rides.

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